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The 10th Annual LAV & Stryker Summit, located in Washington, DC, seeks to deliver the latest information regarding agile and adaptive light vehicle platforms, advancements in integrated and interoperable systems, and new capabilities for providing fast and lethal troop support in any environment at any time. Highlighted at this event will be the many opportunities for development and growth in the domestic and international light armored vehicles industry.


Get the Latest on Emerging Requirements and Needed Capabilities from our Distinguished Presenters:

Providing unique insight with the following objectives:

  • Developing capabilities requirements and upgrades for the LAV and Stryker platforms
  • Reducing weight while increasing speed, lethality and survivability
  • Achieving a true force multiplier through collaboration, co-ordination, and communication
  • International LAV efforts and capabilities for joint operations
  • Analyzing the latest priorities and requirements for industry providers


"Well presented with detailed information."– Program Manager, BAE Systems Land Systems
"Fascinating insights – well presented and organized."– Consultant, DRS Technologies
"Excellent presentation. Very happy to see IDGA bringing in top engineers and scientists to discuss solutions with various materials."– VP & General Manager, Industeel USA

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